Removal: How To Remove Your Temporary Tattoo

So you have been rocking your temporary tattoo for a week or two now, and you have decided that it is getting a little old.  Maybe you are ready to switch up the design, or perhaps you have a job interview and the giraffe on your arm wouldn’t make the lasting impression you’re trying to achieve.  No matter what the reason is, you are on the hunt for the quickest and most efficient removal method.  Look no further! We have got you covered with these three easy steps to remove your temporary tattoo.


What You’ll Need


·           Baby oil or rubbing alcohol, either will do


·           A cotton pad or paper towel


·           Household clear tape (don’t worry, we’ll explain…)


Let’s Get Started


Step 1 Apply the rubbing alcohol or baby oil generously to your tattoo.  Let it sit for a while to allow the adhesive to completely lift from your skin.


Step 2 Use a cotton pad or wet paper towel to rub over the tattoo to remove as much as possible. If you’re not making much progress, apply more rubbing alcohol or baby oil.


Step 3 Still got some stragglers?  We’re way ahead of you; Take a piece of house hold tape and wrap it around a few fingers (index and middle fingers work best) with the sticky side out.  Use a dabbing motion to pull the little left-overs off of your skin!


This is the easiest practice for removing temporary tattoos, and by following these steps you will be able to remove the temporary tattoos from your skin quickly, easily and best of all painlessly.  Now you’ve got a brand new blank canvas that is begging you to add more cool tats. Make sure to check out our website for the latest tattoos!






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