Embroidered Patches

  • Part Embroidery on Twill Background or 100% Embroidery Coverage

  • Cut to Shape

  • Backings: Iron On / Sew On / Sticker Backed / Velcro Backed (Male, Female or Both) / others on request

  • Minimum Quantity: 25 pieces

  • Set Up Cost: No set up cost on completed orders

  • Lead Time: 2 weeks from artwork approval


Whether you’re looking to personalise your staff uniforms, logo your club kit with the teams badge or create a lasting reminder of an event, patches can offer you a cost effective way of achieving this.  They can be applied by a variety of methods, dependent on the backing of the patch. Iron-On backing, traditional Sew-On style or for a different option, we can also offer Velcro, Felt, Sticker or Magnetic backing as further options. When ordering your patches, you can have them with an assortment of backing finishes if required.

Once you’ve decided on the type of patch you require, Embroidered, Woven, Printed etc, the next question is the borders (where applicable) and the backing, generally as a rule of thumb, we would recommend a Hot Knife Border on an Iron On Patch and a Merrow Border on a Sew On Patch.

Embroidered patches can be made from around 20mm in size, it’s all dependent on the design of the patch.

Iron On Patches are manufactured and a strong adhesive glue is applied to the reverse of the patch. When placed into position on your garment and heat is applied (using ideally a commercial heat-press) the glue is melted and is absorbed into the pores of the fabric, giving a life-long permanent adhesion to your garment.

Generally with patches with Iron-on backing, we would strongly recommend that the border is a Hot-Knife Border.  This is where the border is applied as part of the embroidery before the patch is cut out from the base material using a hot knife, the border is generally not so proud as the Merrow Border (see Sew On Patches), but allows for the glue to be prominent right to the edges of the patch.


Please note: Although the glue will adhere to most materials, we cannot guarantee the product when it is applied to any materials that have been pre-treated with any repellents, these include water-proof sports coats etc.

Sew On Patches are ideal where you want to add a bit more depth to your patch, in effect placing a frame around your image. This is generally more suited to patches used on Motorcycle Jackets, Heavy Duty Work Uniforms, Martial Arts Kits etc.

It is generally recommended to have the Merrow Border on sew on patches, as it gives a good area to overlock the badge onto a garment.

The patch is made in the same way as most patches with the embroidery being stitched onto a background, the patch is then cut out and a border applied around the patch.  




Although an iron on backing can be applied to these patches, the glue is applied before the initial cutting out process, therefore the merrow border will cover the edges of the glue.


Sticker Backing is ideal for corporate events where you don’t want the expense of fully embroidered clothing, gives a quality embroidered look, but at the end of the day, just peel the embroidered logo off!

We can also supply your patches with a sticker backing, making them perfect for sticking to most surfaces, add them to your conference folders to give that quality textured finish.




We can mix your total order of patches, you can have a batch made up with an assortment of backings, whilst still benefiting from the total price break, although there may be a small price difference on some backings, such as Velcro & Magnetic.


Velcro Backed, we can apply a Velcro backing to the patches, choose either the male or female side to be applied to the back of the patch, then choose whether the other part is required or not.


Magnet Backings transforms a traditional embroidered or woven patch into something different and unusual, this alternative to boring magnets, where your customers will just not leave them alone, they have the effect of direct embroidery onto your fridge!!

The limitation is in the design of the badge, these backings are hand cut by scissors, therefore complex shapes do not make good fridge magnets, but incorporate you image into a circle, oval or straight edged and create that ‘magnetic’ product.



Add some quality to your next Keyring design with these great, long lasting embroidered or woven keyrings. The only limitations on these are the design itself, ideal for web addresses or simple designs.  They are made by attaching two embroidered patches together and adding the ring attachment. Custom shapes are available, but please bear in mind that they have to be mirror shapes, so when sewn together, the two sides meet. You can even have a different design on each side.


Application Guidlines

How To Order

When ordering your patch, we need to know certain information

  1. Name of Patch

  2. Size (height & / or width)

  3. Type (embroidered / woven / thermal transfer printed / printed)

  4. Backing (iron on / non backing / velcro / sticker / magnetic / felt)

  5. Finish (merrow border (sew on / velcro) or hot knife cut (iron on)

  6. Colours (select these from thread charts below)




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